3 Things To Think About When Buying Socks

Ryan Rosenkilde

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As far as we’re concerned, there are three things to think about when buying a pair of socks. And if you’re not thinking about anything when you buy socks, hopefully this blog post will help you start.


Okay, we’ve all been there. On average how many times a day do you have to pull up or readjust your socks? If you answered anything other than never, your socks ain’t for you. Adjusting means they don’t fit you or they’ve stretched out with wear and washing. Our socks are a unique blend that hold their shape and fit great. We’ve got customers who have worn and washed their Style By Orion socks thirty, forty, fifty times and they still fit like their brand new. You’re welcome.


Socks are an accessory so they’re a great way to show off your personal style. There are plenty of socks out there with cats and pizza and bicycles. And that’s great. If you’re a cat person (umm, no thanks) or really want people to know your into cycling. Our socks opt for a more subtle, sophisticated approach. We offer classic stripes in unique thickness and fun color combinations. Or our classic polka dot socks pair well with jeans just as well as a tuxedo. How many times does someone see a peek of your sock and say, “Well, those are cool socks!” Do you really want to have to explain why you’ve got pepperoni pizza on your socks to Brenda from accounting? We didn’t think so…

Thesnappygent polka dot socks with shorts

(photo cred: @thesnappygent)


Our goal was simple. We wanted to make all of our socks in the USA (which we do). But we also wanted each pair of socks to be a pair you could wear anyway you wanted to. With cuffed jeans when you’re going out to dinner. With a suit on your wedding day. With a trouser at the office. Heck, even with shorts! Actual thought went into our socks. Need a classic black dress sock, no frills, that also doubles as a killer casual, trendy sock? Look no further than our Varsity sock. Perfect for dressy occasions or casually with shorts. Same with our Colorblock sock.


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